Electric Strike Lock

Electric Strike Lock

1. Lock Size: 150Lx39.5Wx28H(mm)

2. Bolt structure: Stainless Steel

3. Holding Stength: 800kg

4. Voltage: DC12V

5. Current: 450mA(CSYS-130NO) 200mA(CSYS-130NC)

6. Feature: Fail Secure(CSYS-130NO) Fail Safe(CSYS-130NC)

7. Surface Temperature: Within +20℃

8. Suitable Temperature: -10~+25℃(14-131F)

9. Face plate Housing: Painted Steel

10. Bolt Housing: Stainless steel,Draw the Polishing of silk

11. Funtion: Built-out MOV

12. Suitable For: Wooden Door,Metal Door,PVC Door

13. Opening Mode: 90 Degree Swinging Door

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